Youssef Salama

Software Developer

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About Me

I am a Full-Stack Software Developer who enjoys coding, music and really good TV shows. I ❤ JavaScript since it has come a long way and has a great awesome community supporting it

Beside coding, I love watching TV shows and my top Favourites are Breaking Bad, House of Cards and Rick and Morty.


Rubikal - InsideTrack Team

Front-End Developer

  • Lead the development of an admin panel using React and Redux to support The College Fair mobile app and provide insights to help match universities with the best students.

  • Implemented an AWS Lambda using Node.js to generate compressed thumbnails for uploaded images by using Sharp which generated web-optimized images on upload.

  • Worked with the US team to introduce many improvements to the existing codebase including adding unit tests with Jest, organizing shared code, and load-time optimizations.


Freelance Web Developer

  • Lead the development of an e-commerce platform to help Shopify/BigCommerce stores reachout to their customers/potential-customers via Messenger.

  • Developed the UI for a few financial calculators using Angular 4 and HighCharts.


Alexandria University

Sept 2013 - Nov 2018

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering - Communications and Electronics


The College Fair Portal

I worked on an admin panel for The College Fair app that helped universities find and reachout to students who want to join the university. The admin panel also provided insights and control over the school profile of the student in the App.

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Connected Cars IoT Project

This project was my final project at University. It consisted of an IoT device (A Raspberry Pi and a Tiva C) that detected accidents once they happen on a car and notifies nearby cars as well as sends an Ambulance/service car request automatically. The project had an android app which was used by the ambulance/service car to detect the accident and also by the user to input their medical information - to be provided for the ambulance.

Bustour - follow your bus

This was one of my very first complete projects. I collaborated on this project with a friend and it mainly consisted of 2 Android apps with a Firebase backend. The client app used to be able to find drivers for certain buses and follow them. It also notified the user by ringing when the Bus was near them so they can get ready to catch it. The driver app had some information about the driver as well as some GPS tracking for them.


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